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Date: Sunday, March 11 2012 @ 16:53:36 UTC
Topic: Amiga FPGA accelerator

I just don't understand Amiga community. First of all we are in situation that things are stuck for 20 years or so and people who know something want's to keep that private. For what ??? They just don't want to share any ideas or knowledge or experience. For past 2 years there are only few people who wanted to help me. Others just told me something like "You want to someone do all the work for you" or "Code speaks for itself don't need explanation???". Also those ones who created something related to Amiga hardware spend lot of time on most Amiga forums just to laugh at my work instead of giving support and sharing knowledge. That is the main reason why Amiga is going nowhere. I was thinking that they would like to see that someone want's to join them to work hard and share ideas. And if this situation continues Amiga will become nice memory and nothing more. In all my work regarding to PC, electronics, networks people wanted to help and all my life I helped others to learn but here in Amiga scene people are different. And there is about 100 forums where I shared my knowledge and every time I found some solution I post it so people can learn from it so that they don't need to waste time and to continue their work. Working on this accelerator I spend thousand hours to do something that someone could do for only 10 minutes and still they didn't want to take that 10 minutes for me. But they didn't understand that this work is not for me that this work is for all Amiga community. They can't understand that era of money earning from and for Amiga is gone forever but if we unite we can do something. Few people are working on Amiga hardware and for them all others are just stupid to enter their circles and they don't want to waste their time to anyone who want's to work hard. I started this project without any knowledge related to Amiga accelerators and Amiga hardware and now I m in situation to know lot of things. There are no open hard&soft databases. Where are the people who worked on old projects??? They only write something on the forums and laugh at those who are trying to create anything. They don't have will to start new projects or share ideas regarding old ones... So Amiga community is just Talk Talk community. And main reason of creating this accelerator is to prove people that someone like me without any knowledge can enter that world and create something. And then maybe someone will start thinking... So work will continue even if sometimes I m going crazy with this... Work will continue just to prove that I can do it, and for those who makes fun of me lets wait and see what happens maybe you will feel some kind of shame that you didn't helped after this project is finished. I enjoy to enter someones world and turn it around. Now its time for Amiga world... So share your ideas you will feel great and if you want to help me and have any knowledge related to VHDL or TG68 core please contact me...

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