RIP Dr Skendy
Date: Sunday, December 20 2020 @ 22:24:02 UTC
Topic: About me

Yesterday, my friend, my mentor, my idol died from complications caused by Covid-19. Man who was TV and radio host, who was pioneer in electronic music in Bosnia, who was most creative person I know. Person who made huge influence to many generations and made all of us little better showing us that certain level of creativity can be done in the isolated environment where we are living. Music producer, IRC guru, PHPNuke freak and in front of all Amiga coder. I remember his words, on Amiga I could be the one with the machine, on PC only creative thing I can do is to create virus.

+++ATH0 and RAVE ON my friend.

Dr.Skendy & Marquez - Freak(2003.)

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