Vampire 600 PCB redesign
Date: Sunday, March 10 2013 @ 13:17:14 UTC
Topic: Amiga FPGA accelerator

This is the latest redesign of Vampire 600 FPGA accelerator. In next few days production will start. So whats new here? You may think that this is the same only some components are placed different. But is it? Most important thing here that now JTAG have over voltage protection and ESD protection and from now on this is a proper development board. Another thing added is PS/2 mouse connector and with cable extender you can mount it anywhere you want. Reason why I used standard PS/2 connector instead some header is that someone can create some specific cable and sell it and again exploit your retro enthusiasm. The same thing is done regarding one more feature Wireless module and this module is compatible with Arduino board modules found at 1 USD so again you are protected from someone wanted to charge you lot of money just because you are buying something Amiga and retro related. Third feature added is SPI connector and from there you can connect anything you want. So stop thinking that this is just Accelerator board.

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