Strange, really strange ???
Date: Sunday, July 28 2013 @ 11:07:30 UTC
Topic: Amiga FPGA accelerator

Since there was no way to find what is wrong with new design I decide to back one step and assembly one of previously designed boards that actually worked, and maybe then I will understand where I was wrong in new design. Today I finished assembling old 1.3 revision of PCB. This version was created with 4 bit SDRAM memory but it is 90% compatible with new version. All of testing with V1.3 are done in February this year and published here and everything was fine back then. I was able to start any game and to perform any test and everything worked. So today I used old design, old core but I was surprised that all of the problems I have with new design are now present in old one. V1.3 of the board now does not work! It has the same problems accessing FastRam. Let me say that I used the same components, let me say that there are no problems with bad solder joints and finally let me say that code is not changed in any way. What is different than February, only that I m now in new working area. Don't even start thinking that all of this problems are because in those summer days temperatures are high. But, all of this is actually this is good situation now because I will find problems eventually because I was present in the room when old design worked. I m glad to see that old design is not working now and comparing old pictures to what I see now I will find the problem. I just need to have patience right now.

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