Date: Monday, August 05 2013 @ 14:24:39 UTC
Topic: Amiga FPGA accelerator

Ok now is the time to investigate how many people are interested in Vampire 600 so I can determine how much boards to produce. If you are interested send me Mail.

What you get:
CPU: FPGA emulated MC68000 or MC68010 or partially emulated MC68020(your choice)
Performance: More than 6Mips
Memory: 64MB of FastRam (Zorro III space)
Autoconfig: 32MB( for now)
PCMCIA friendly: Yes

You will be informed that your order is placed by mail and listing your name in the picture attached to this topic. Sending accelerator boards will take place hopefully next month and according to the mentioned list. When your board is ready you will receive Paypal invoice to your mailbox. If you don't want to be listed just say in the mail. About guarantee don't worry I don't intend to leave I m here to made significant influence on Amiga scene, remember :) Other components like OSD, loading Kickstart from MicroSD card and PS2 mouse support will be provided later with core upgrades so I suggest everyone to buy USB blaster programmer because I don't intend to stop at 6Mips :) Board will not have PS2 and MicroSD sockets because they are unusable inside case so we will find a way later to bring them out with another small PCB. I forget to say that all of those who had some contribution in this project will have another price or no price at all...
UPDATE: August 6, 2013
Updated Pre-Order list more than 30 reservations added. Please check that you are on the list and if something is wrong contact me. Maybe problem could be because some people Pre-Ordered board twice, once by contact me by mail and once on some other web site. So please if that happened contact me so I can add someone else to that place. It is quite confusing situation to me. I didn't believe that I would need to produce more than 20 boards. Complete day I m answering to PM and email messages and I just can't keep track what I m doing anymore. Please have patience because I m sending boards for production and I just can't answer all mails at this point. Thank you.
UPDATE: August 8, 2013
Now board is 32MB autoconfig. But, haters gotta hate. It is just interesting to me what I read on various forums. There are so much people who would like to see all of this fall down, and never see real success. Why? Just so they can say "I told you that all of this will be failure". I don't know the reason for all of this but those days I realized one thing. That Amiga is not destroyed just because company died. Amiga is destroyed by developers and resellers wanted to earn huge money from Amiga name. Like vultures various people are sending me bunch of mails wanting to increase price of the boards and to resell them. Proposal prices about 200Euros :) Let me say this. If I ever seen that someone sells this card for some incredible high price I will stop him by putting tons of boards for sale at manufacturing cost. No more exploiting Amiga scene from now!!! Here is what I said one of the supporters of this project yesterday. Yes I received lot of mails for some proposals. Resellers, manufacturers all of them wanna make money and increase price and benefit from this. I will fool them all opensourcing everything. I will survive alone and do everything alone and my work will be free and I will send lot of boards for free to people and PCB also. I m waiting just for another money transfer from my government. I m in a mission remember. With true amiga spirit.
UPDATE: August 12, 2013
Vampire 600 sent into production so in few days I should have first batch in my hands. I would suggest to everyone to buy cheap USB blaster cable and programmer because for sure you will need it in the future.

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