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Date: Saturday, August 31 2013 @ 13:21:18 UTC
Topic: Amiga FPGA accelerator

How can you stay normal after today I ask myself? In Bosnia, my country, where God said goodbye and where about 67% of the people have strong will to leave country I had the idea that I might succeed in life if I work hard enough so I decided to stay and to educate people that they should stay too and try to change something. But, after this morning I ask myself did I chose wrong when I decided to stay and that I just wasted my time here. But, where to go now I m 32 years old and stuck here for reasons I don't understand well. It seems to me that in Bosnia only correct approach is to became a criminal. They are untouchable by any kind of law. Favorite statement from them is "It was so hard to earn first million, next one goes easy".

But this story is not about them it is about me trying to fulfill my dream and create few technical innovations, in same time promoting my country. This morning I received phone call from customs about my packages. So I went there and talked with them for about half an hour about their desire to send back my packages to the manufacturer. There it was on the table 50 Vampire 600 accelerators looking so nice, clean, elegant. I was able to touch them but I couldn't take them with me. After so much work I was so devastated that I had lot of trouble driving back home. They said that single person can't order so much peaces of something? They had no interest to look at my papers that everything is financed by the Government of my country and that this is scientific project. They was also not interested in fact that on one package's declaration "Gift" column was checked. Yes, it was a gift from manufacturer from China because I had few orders from them in the past and they wanted to support me somehow. They said that I can apply complaint but that this won't delay execution, merchandise will be back to country of origin. Don't get me wrong I obey low and my country's law regulations and maybe all of this is normal but when you live in the country where law doesn't apply to everyone equally you start to wonder about few things. Why are my packages put on hold and investigation and in the same time it is perfectly normal here to see someone making a huge building on someone else terrain and without any prove of money origin. It is perfectly normal to rob, steal or injure someone and same day go free from police department. It is normal to bring every single firm down and take money without any investigation. It is normal to steal any country resources just need to enter the team who rules everything and then you are protected. Rest of the people, like me, if they are lucky lives with less than 300Euros per month and no they not allowed to do more. In the situation where everyone expect money just to say good day to you and where in regular bases you see that your life is not life you turn to hobbies and try to escape from everything. And yet, my hobbies are at crucial importance for the customs to prove that we must obey law. We must, we little people!!!

So, today I had to become lawyer fast. I have read hundreds of pages where I concluded that they can't do that. I haven't found any single word where is forbidden for me to import large quantities of something. Also, in documentation I found that I shouldn't pay any money to customs because this is scientific project no matter who is ordering and what is the purpose of merchandise. In other hand in customs declaration we have explanation for every electronic part and dedicated customs fee. For about 90% of electronic components custom fee is 0%.

At the end all of this was unnecessary by them and maybe attempt to prove something. They just don't like situation where people ordering something from the Internet. Only one thing I know that this could be nice civil sue from me because they didn't provide any documentations that my packages are arrived and reason why they turned them back. So on Monday I will talk to them again and maybe we will find some solution for this situation.
UPDATE: September 2, 2013
During the weekend I didn't sleep or eat waiting for Monday and this morning went to customs to get my boards. I was certain that law is on my side and after short discussion with head chief there and looking into my papers he approved my shipment :) When I back home I found out that I received one more package from China without any problems. So conclusion to this topic is that everything in my country is pure luck and strange things can happen for unexplained reason. For example one teenager end up in process of police investigation because he was successful in pay per click programs online. Automatically every news paper reported about that and everyone claimed that he is a hacker :) There is no prove of anything, there is no explanation but his life here as normal person is finished and he will never clear his name. Anyway, I might expect more problems during sending boards and receiving money but I m persistent in this and all of you are just lucky living somewhere else.

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