Date: Friday, September 06 2013 @ 09:52:25 UTC
Topic: Amiga FPGA accelerator

If you have some soldering experience you will be able to solder most of the components on the board but soldering FPGA device can be tricky. This specific FPGA is in QFP package with very sensitive pins very close to each other. There are lot of techniques you can use but I like to use brute-force technique. This specific way of soldering is invented in China few years ago and for me it is the only way I can solder this specific device fast.

Required tools:
1. Soldering station
2. Soldering wire with flux
3. Solder wick
4. Paper based tape
5. Aethanolum dilutum 70-90%

1. With paper tape isolate FPGA footprint. This way you prevent damage of other components footprints.
2. Place FPGA on footprint and check for alinement.
3. Secure every side of the FPGA by soldering corner pins.
4. Apply lot of soldering wire to each side dragging soldering iron close to the pins but not touching them.
5. Apply heat on one side and hit desk with the board and all not needed soldering material will fall of.
6. Clean board with Aethanolum dilutum.

Set your soldering station at 350 Celsius degrees and be quick.

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